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 *IMPORTANT:  All Coaching Programs and Services are subject to availability...
 Whether it's...
  • Getting high converting, professional copywriting services
  • Converting more visitors into buyers
  • Creating profitable membership websites and additional income streams
  • Getting your 3 critical types of websites up and profiting
  • Dealing with software, graphics, technology and other headaches of online business
  • Creating products or writing your first short report, book, manual or course
  • Driving traffic to your websites or the front door of your business
  • Building your lists and establishing better relationships with your customers and clients
  • Generating leads for your offline or online business
  • Implementing direct response marketing tactics to grow your business more intelligently
  • Creating and implementing a solid sales training and accountability program
  • Developing and implementing a smooth, efficient, outsourcing and out-tasking program...
... or pretty much anything else related to being an entrepreneur and running a successful, profitable, business.

Let Me Help You

For over three decades I've been a successful entrepreneur... meaning, I probably get what you are going through or experiencing, as an entrepreneur and small business owner.
From how your family feels about you owning and running your own businesses and the unique challenges you face from family and peers...  to the frustrations related to growing your businesses in a slow economy or with limited resources.
Whether you're running a boot-strapped, start up, brick and mortar, offline business or you are wanting to create and offer your own successful online services and products - you'll gain unique, experienced perspectives and guidance... not opinions and advice... but hard-learned experienced perspectives.
You'll gain solid, proven, helpful guidance... from what works to what doesn't (trust me, I've discovered a LOT of what doesn't work over the years and unfortunately, many of these things are EXACTLY what others are telling you to do!) while working with me.
Always from experience, not opinion... always from the heart and with you're highest and best interests in mind.
Before we get started however... 
Let me put you at ease.

Nothing To Purchase Here...

I don't accept new clients or coaching students unless I'm sure I can be of service, until I know I can help you.
There are schedules, budgets, time constraints (both yours and mine), industry or market considerations (I won't offer to help you if I don't feel I know your industry or service well enough to be of value), and even personalities to consider before we agree to work together, right?
That just makes good sense... and, over the years I've come to realize the absolute intelligence of approaching all new client relationships from this perspective - starting with clarity, everyone wins.

How Do I Know?

I don't - until you and I have an opportunity to get to know each other better and I understand what you need help with specifically.
So... I've got an application for you to complete.
(GHASP! "Steve, you're going to make me fill out an application?!" eek  Yes... and, you'll actually be pretty excited about it because just the application alone can help you get focus and clearly identify how I may be of better service to you.)
If you are interested in finally getting your business up, running and making more profits every month with...
  • Less effort
  • More Profits
  • Better Systems
  • More Personal Freedom
  • More Personal Time
  • Faster, Easier, More Scalable Growth Strategies...
 Then... taking the time to select and complete the most appropriate application for you below is time well spent.
Actually - you've got five possible applications to choose from - each, focused on your specific needs - if you know what you are looking for help with.
*NOTE:  If you are not sure what you would like help with, I'd recommend getting more clarity or perhaps scheduling a one-time brainstorming session with me (that would be Option #2 below...).
We'll help you get more focus and a direction - you can always add additional coaching or help later, getting pointed in the right direction first is more important now though, agreed?
Relax - feel comfortable - don't worry about a pushy sales team or anyone else contacting you regarding your application.  I review each application personally and decide if I feel we can work together.
If I think I might be able to help you... I'll personally contact you through e-mail or by phone to set up our interview together where we will discuss your needs in more detail.
You won't be added to a marketing funnel...  only my personal e-mails will go to you and generally, these are much more information and help, perspectives and advice than anything else.

Treat You Like I'd Like To Be Treated...

You won't be "sold" anything or pressured into any program or services.
I will not automatically accept you and you will not be enrolled into anything without first talking with ME PERSONALLY - to determine if we are a good match and if I can help you.
Fair enough?
With that said... here are the five types of services I offer, listed below.
Select the option that best fits what you are looking to accomplish together.
You'll be taken to an application page that will provide a basic explanation of the services offered and... will gather information from you for me to review to determine if I feel I can help you at this time.
We're all busy... so, I'll review your application and reply to you within 48 hours - letting you know if I feel I can help you.
If we're a good match, according to your application, we'll set up an interview together to discuss your needs further.

How Can I Help You? 

Select the service or program you'd like to discuss with me below.
Read the services overview and complete the comprehensive application (I know, these are pretty long but wouldn't you agree that it's better we have too much information than not enough?) and I'll get back with you within 48 hours. 


Personal, Private Brainstorming Session!
Go ahead and select the most appropriate coaching or services you are looking for above and complete the application to see if we are a solid match for working together.
I look forward to getting to know you better and working with you to help you grow your business.
 "Dedicated to your success..."
Steve Odette
All my best, 
Steven J. Odette

"... learning that works in the real world."